Study Visit & Let’s Talk

As part of my degree through Charles Sturt University (CSU), we are required to do a ‘Study Visit’ for one of our subjects. I finished mine today. What it involved was going to various archives and libraries throughout Melbourne and learning how they work. What was interesting though was just the wide variety of libraries available and what they offer to us. I had visited some of them before and was excited to see them again but what really got me was the one that I had little interest in visiting turned out to be quite interesting and different to what I expected of it.

Some of the highlights I think were

  • seeing the souvenir of King George VI ‘the pictures in a walnut’
  • seeing the rules for the 1859 game of AFL, the very first one to be played!
  • The State Library and PROV (Public Records Office of Victoria). I’m in love with these two places and can spend forever at them time and time again

The people that went on the tours with us as well as my fellow students from CSU were a delight to meet. While it wasn’t strictly part of the Study Visit, one of the other students and myself went to the WW1 exhibition at the Melbourne Museum, something I greatly enjoyed. As I walked around it I took photos of all the information going ‘this will be so helpful in this story. Oooh that is an interesting fact’ etc.

Between that and the rest of the places we visited I have so many ideas for new stories. Oops? I really need to finish the ones that I’m currently working on first before starting new ones but damn these ideas are calling to me. I suppose I’ll give in and start them eventually but I do also know I have a lot more research that I need to do for some of them before I’ve got enough information to start writing them.

Of course, Thursday was wrapped up by the Let’s Talk event at the Library at the Dock which was a networking event at the Dockland’s library. It was interesting and while I got to talk to a few new people I’m glad overall that it wasn’t too much of a ‘talk and eat’ session as I find those incredibly awkward. We instead got to listen to a panel of four people in the industry as they discussed various things. It was interesting to hear their advice and tips for resumes and being hired but what really made me sit up was the fact that they mentioned editing your skills section for each resume you submit something that seems so obvious yet I’d never thought of it… Also that as a recruiter they actually do like receiving phone calls etc. from potential candidates. That was something I was glad to know for sure as it was something I’d considered in the past but hadn’t been sure how it would be perceived.

It was a very informative panel though!

While the week was exhausting and I’m so so glad to have the opportunity to have done this as well as to meet everyone that I did. The problem with being online that even though we have a Facebook group to help each other it isn’t the same as meeting them face to face.

Study Visit & Let’s Talk