Sometimes I wonder why I bother…


Wow, being an adult is hard and time consuming. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I remember the days when I could sit at my computer all day everyday and just play around with it. While I can still – to an extent – on weekends, I just find myself doing other stuff. That and well, there’s honestly not been that much for me to update on this blog.

It’s kind of startling.

My life is… routine. I work, I come home, sleep. Repeat. Weekends are slightly more varied but then I don’t do that much. I find myself so tired come the end of the work week that I just don’t want to do anything. Over the past year I’ve started Karate and stopped due to an injury. I want to pick it up again I just need to organise it. I started a freelance archiving job for the Bugatti Club of Australia but gave that up because it just wasn’t happening. It was very hard to get motivated when all I want to do is sleep. Now that’s over I’m hoping to go back to volunteer archiving as that was nowhere as much pressure as the job. Less pressure is what I need at the moment.

I ended up dropping out of Uni. I just couldn’t keep up with it and with not being in the field I just didn’t see the point. Plus, honestly, the difference between a Bachelor and a Masters in the Library field is absolutely nothing. I did it for something to do and to keep my Centrelink payments. That was the middle of last year and it was a relief. Well technically the end when I dropped but I took leave for the second semester so I did my last subject first semester last year.

I’ve also kind of given up on my novel. Mostly cause I can’t figure out a decent ending… If I do I’ll go back cause I truly do want to finish it but the endings I have are cop-outs and that just seems wrong to me. Perhaps in time I’ll come up with another one.

I enjoy my job, it’s a long day and doesn’t leave for much else. I’ll stick with it for a few years but I really do want to advance. I’m twenty seven this year and while I have a better idea of what I want to do with my life I’m still not 100% sure. It’s startling. I spent all of my childhood and early twenties wanting to be a librarian and archivist and perhaps I’ll end up back in the field but honestly… as much as I want to work in history I don’t think it will happen. I want something challenging and diverse, something that pushes me to grow and in many ways that doesn’t? It’s familiar, it’s safe and while I’ll always love it perhaps its not a career for me? I suppose we’ll see what the future holds, one really never does know though.

So that’s a year in what four paragraphs?


Sometimes I wonder why I bother…

My Goal for 2016 is to…


Blog more regularly. The fact that it’s already March 13th and I’ve yet to do anything? Well. We’ll see how I go. It’s amazing just how much this ‘real life’ gets in the way of things. I’ve spent the day working on my book blog to get it into a more workable condition. What was I supposed to be doing? Uni work. Still University is going well and I’m studying Social Media this semester which is a lot of fun though I’m lurking on the Facebook group more than I probably should be.

Still one does what one has to do.

I’m starting my very first full-time job on Tuesday. I’m nervous as but also incredibly excited. I guess we’ll see how that goes.

I have been taking an active stance in my fitness and weight loss regime. At least, more than I have been. My Fitbit is getting an incredibly good workout and I’m constantly pushing myself to beat my PBs of steps, active minutes etc. Most steps I’ve done so far is 30k in  day. The workweek hustles and weekend warrior challenges are brilliant motivators. Feel free to add me. Combined with the counting calories and water intake (MyFitnessPal) I’m starting to see some movement though it is slow. I’m feeling much healthier and generally better overall so that is certainly something!

Hope you are all well and had a good holiday season (is it to late to wish that? Oh well.)

My Goal for 2016 is to…

Australia: Statement on the disruption of Melbourne Pride 2016

Insurrection News


Today at the Melbourne ‘Pride’ March, on Boon Wurrung land, a group of queer and transgender activists staged a peaceful sit-in with the aim of disrupting the march. We drew attention to the ties of ‘Pride’ with environmentally destructive and socially unjust corporations as well as police and political parties that institutionalise oppressive systems.

Our group wanted to remind people that ‘Pride’ is not simply a celebration, but a protest fighting for liberation for everyone harmed by heteronormativity, cisnormativity, misogyny, ableism, racism and other forms of oppression.

Several onlookers – many of whom were drinking alcohol at the adjacent pub – violently assaulted us. They sprayed us with a hose, threw large buckets of dyed yellow water, threw glass bottles and some attempted to violently take a transgender flag. Victoria Police and some Pride attendees also assaulted a physically and visibly disabled…

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Australia: Statement on the disruption of Melbourne Pride 2016

Life Keeps on Moving


It’s amazing just how one minute it is January, then you blink and it is nearly September. Well in this case it was July and now it is nearly September but that doesn’t sound as good even if the sentiment is the same. I’ve been writing when I can but for the most part, unfortunately, my life has been kept up between work and uni, both are important, no doubt about that but sometimes I would just like to sit down and write? I should be volunteering today, but I’ve decided to stay at home and relax so hopefully I’ll get some done. In between cooking scones for tomorrow as we’re hosting the morning tea for the staff.

I’ve been reading a lot lately. Well not as much as I was but it’s better than nothing.

My goal is still to finish the first draft of the Obsidian Vortex (WIP title) by the end of this year. I’m about maybe a quarter of the way through? Though of that I’ve written three-quarters of that this year so it could be doable. I’ll have to buckle down in a bit but I’m determined to do it.

Life Keeps on Moving

Study Visit & Let’s Talk

As part of my degree through Charles Sturt University (CSU), we are required to do a ‘Study Visit’ for one of our subjects. I finished mine today. What it involved was going to various archives and libraries throughout Melbourne and learning how they work. What was interesting though was just the wide variety of libraries available and what they offer to us. I had visited some of them before and was excited to see them again but what really got me was the one that I had little interest in visiting turned out to be quite interesting and different to what I expected of it.

Some of the highlights I think were

  • seeing the souvenir of King George VI ‘the pictures in a walnut’
  • seeing the rules for the 1859 game of AFL, the very first one to be played!
  • The State Library and PROV (Public Records Office of Victoria). I’m in love with these two places and can spend forever at them time and time again

The people that went on the tours with us as well as my fellow students from CSU were a delight to meet. While it wasn’t strictly part of the Study Visit, one of the other students and myself went to the WW1 exhibition at the Melbourne Museum, something I greatly enjoyed. As I walked around it I took photos of all the information going ‘this will be so helpful in this story. Oooh that is an interesting fact’ etc.

Between that and the rest of the places we visited I have so many ideas for new stories. Oops? I really need to finish the ones that I’m currently working on first before starting new ones but damn these ideas are calling to me. I suppose I’ll give in and start them eventually but I do also know I have a lot more research that I need to do for some of them before I’ve got enough information to start writing them.

Of course, Thursday was wrapped up by the Let’s Talk event at the Library at the Dock which was a networking event at the Dockland’s library. It was interesting and while I got to talk to a few new people I’m glad overall that it wasn’t too much of a ‘talk and eat’ session as I find those incredibly awkward. We instead got to listen to a panel of four people in the industry as they discussed various things. It was interesting to hear their advice and tips for resumes and being hired but what really made me sit up was the fact that they mentioned editing your skills section for each resume you submit something that seems so obvious yet I’d never thought of it… Also that as a recruiter they actually do like receiving phone calls etc. from potential candidates. That was something I was glad to know for sure as it was something I’d considered in the past but hadn’t been sure how it would be perceived.

It was a very informative panel though!

While the week was exhausting and I’m so so glad to have the opportunity to have done this as well as to meet everyone that I did. The problem with being online that even though we have a Facebook group to help each other it isn’t the same as meeting them face to face.

Study Visit & Let’s Talk

Database of Melbourne Publishers


Some of you might know that I’ve been working on a picture book that I’m hoping to publish. That requires finding a publisher… That is much harder than I expected. Not only does it need to accept unsolicited mansucripts but also publish non-fiction picture books. The latter is few and far between.

In doing my search I never found a database of publishers so I’ve decided to make one.

We have a form to submit the information through and a database of all the responses.

I hope you all find it useful.

Database of Melbourne Publishers