Life Keeps on Moving


It’s amazing just how one minute it is January, then you blink and it is nearly September. Well in this case it was July and now it is nearly September but that doesn’t sound as good even if the sentiment is the same. I’ve been writing when I can but for the most part, unfortunately, my life has been kept up between work and uni, both are important, no doubt about that but sometimes I would just like to sit down and write? I should be volunteering today, but I’ve decided to stay at home and relax so hopefully I’ll get some done. In between cooking scones for tomorrow as we’re hosting the morning tea for the staff.

I’ve been reading a lot lately. Well not as much as I was but it’s better than nothing.

My goal is still to finish the first draft of the Obsidian Vortex (WIP title) by the end of this year. I’m about maybe a quarter of the way through? Though of that I’ve written three-quarters of that this year so it could be doable. I’ll have to buckle down in a bit but I’m determined to do it.

Life Keeps on Moving

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